Mitt horoskop för 2015.

Några av mina bästa vänner tror mycket på astrologi. Själv är jag ganska skeptisk men tycker att det är ganska så roligt att läsa – just for fun! 2015 ser spännande ut för min del och en hel del stämmer lustigt nog. Beror så klart på hur man tolkar saker och ting :-)

Your star is totally rising in 2015! Although you will have to be patient until the se-cond half of the year for the real fabulousness to kick in, it’s so worth the wait. Jupiter enters your sign in August (for the first time in 12 years) and it’s totally worth waiting for! Plus, it gives you plenty of time to do your favorite thing: prepare, prepare, prepare.

Use the first half of 2015 to work and rework your dreams and long-term vision. All of the mental focus and contraction of the past few years is going to pay off in substantial ways in your career. Since you’re more of a planner than a risk-taker by nature, this new phase will break you open to embracing all kinds of new adventures. You’re grounded in truth and you’ve worked on your communication skills hardcore over the past few years, now 2015 is your chance for the big launch.

This year continues to be a karmic balancing act, wherein every decision is carefully weighed and measured. You understand the importance of considering all potential consequences before acting, but this year it’s almost instinctual for you to stop, drop and rethink before any rolling happens.

The hyper-focus on finances that started last year continues to be a major theme for you going forward in 2015. The difference is that you have incorporated some beautiful and balanced money-making mojo. You’ve learned the hard way that you don’t have to kill yourself in order to be successful. Saturn is coming to your home zone to remind you that taking good care of yourself is essential to maintain a strong and healthy body and mind.

If you’ve felt more gypsy than homebody (as often tends to be the case), 2015 is going to change all of that. This year is about wrapping up unfinished emotional and karmic business from the past three years and breaking free into the wild blue unknown yonder.

Romance is yours for the taking in 2015. There are many twists and turns, and perhaps even deja-vu’s to this year’s love map. In fact, you may literally find yourself reuniting with an old flame (or at least an old theme involving an old flame) to get the lessons right this time around. There can never be enough second chances in love after all, wouldn’t you agree?

This is definitely your year to skyrocket. You had a chance to really amp up your communication game over the past few years, and this will serve you well in all current and future endeavors. You have found your voice and your message, and know how to work it to your advantage now. Your approach to work is always about making it even better. A true Virgo is never satisfied, but don’t let that perfectionist wiring in your brain convince you that it’s never quite good enough. It’s one thing to continually strive for improvement, but give yourself loads of credit and kudos in the process. You have a way of never allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor as you hit one goal after another. Celebrate a little, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back and rest before throwing yourself into the next level of achievement.


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